ILG (International Laser Group)
ILG (International Laser Group) is an industry leader in premium quality OEM alternative imaging supplies. ILG remanufactures a large selection of brand name OEM alternative toner cartridges, including both monochrome and color laser toners, JUMBO COLOR®, and MICR cartridges.
Quality Products
  • Quality Products – OEM performance and quality
  • In-Depth Product Lines
  • R & D, Engineering Excellence
  • Consultative Sales Approach
  • Fast Delivery - Five Distribution Centers
  • Quality Assurance Program
  • Green Certified – Sustainable Manufacturing
  • Lifetime Warranty
Color Products
ILG utilizes innovative Vibrant Color System™ technology for color printer cartridges. The system incorporates the exclusive Leak Guard System™ and TCB Technology™ (Turbo Cleaning Blade) which provide excellent color print performance.

  • A Leading Color Manufacturer
  • JUMBO COLOR® high-yield toners
  • Advance Technology VIBRANT COLOR SYSTEM™
  • The TCB Technology™ (Turbo Cleaning Blade) system
  • The Leak-Guard System™ (Leak-proof) system