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ILG (INTERNATIONAL LASER GROUP) manufactures and distributes premium quality imaging supplies. We offer an in-depth line of quality OEM alternative compatible toner cartridges, MICR toner cartridges, as well as drums and printer maintenance kits for most popular OEM brands. ILG’s stringent manufacturing standards along with our meticulous specifications criteria ensure our products are guaranteed in quality and in performance.



A major technical advancement for color laser printer cartridges

g The Vibrant Color System™ incorporates the following technology advances to produce optimized color matching, print output excellence and image density that mirror OEM performance:

g Leak Guard System™
  • Virtual elimination of toner leaking during transit
  • A clean seal pull, minimizing toner dusting
  • Elimination of excess toner on print output
  • A cleaner printer, reducing maintenance costs
  • Extended life of printer transfer belts and fusers


g TCB Technology™ – Turbo Cleaning Blade
  • Improves the cleaning of excess toner build-up from the photo-sensitive receptor drum.
  • Prevents streaking, lines and other color print inconsistencies
  • Improves color print performance from beginning to end of cartridge life


ILG is the manufacturer of the world’s first JUMBO COLOR®, available exclusively from ILG.


  • JUMBO COLOR, 20% - 30% higher-yield quality color line
  • Ideal for MPS providers, with lowest cost-per-print (CPP) for MPS supplies.


g Product Development - First-to-Market

ILG offers in-depth product lines and up-to-date new releases.


Our toner cartridges are guaranteed for quality. We select the best of custom formulated toners and top quality components from leading manufacturers. Each product is specifically formulated for optimized print performances, including image density, resolution, and page yield. Each product is 100% post tested and quality is assured with a 100% warranty.

MICR Product Line

We offer MICR supplies from various manufacturers. Our MICR cartridges are guaranteed to produce MICR- encoded text that is readable by all major financial institutions. ILG assures all MICR toner meets and exceed American Bankers Association requirements as well as American National Standards Institute signal strength minimums.