MANUFACTURING PROCESS - The Quality Difference

Toner Cartridge Manufacturing.

 Stringent Manufacturing Process

Quality Assurance

• Incoming cores and components are 100% tested
Pre and Post-testing: ILG post-tests 100% of its cartridges. Any cartridge that does not pass all criteria is reviewed, reworked and retested prior to its release.
• Top quality OEM cartridge cores are utilized.
Rigorous specifications for empty cores are imposed
• Destructive Lot Testing
End of life destructive testing in which the seal is pulled and sample cartridge is run until the toner is exhausted to ensure performance over the full cartridge life.
• All ILG products are 100% post-tested for image density,resolution and page yield.
Product performance is benchmarked against the OEM cartridge on a variety of parameters: including print image quality, solid image density,resolution, toner background haze, offsetting,ghosting and page yield.

Product Development - OEM Alternative Toner Cartridge Line

ILG takes pride in our quality assurance program and our effective manufacturing techniques. Quality is our top priority. We test over 3 million pages a month in our cartridge production processes. Our rigorous product development process assures ILG cartridges perform to OEM quality from beginning to end of cartridge life.

Quality Assurance System

Quality starts at the source. ILG’s incoming components are tested and inspected for conformance to the highest standards. ILG has rigorous specifications for empty cores to ensure best product performance and incoming cores are thoroughly inspected to meet our criteria. ILG custom-selects the components to best match OEM cartridge performance, and we conduct a 100% post-test to ensure product quality.

Premium Component Solutions

We recognize that selection of the highest quality components is one key element of developing superior products. ILG’s development process is focused on finding the best component set to match OEM cartridge performance. ILG’s use of “select” cartridge cores, new long life OPC drums, specifically formulated toners to precisely match or exceed OEM cartridge print performance and page yield. ILG works directly with the world’s leading imaging component manufacturers to identify and select the best combination of components for each cartridge model.

Continuous Improvement

ILG is focused on continuous improvement in order to provide the highest quality products possible. ILG has invested in the people and in resources necessary to be a leader in the compatible laser printer cartridge industry.